• Posted by Konstantin 01.01.2009 2 Comments
    PhD comic: New Year's Resolutions
    1. Submit at least 2 papers.
    2. Attend at least 2 significant conferences (ICML and ISMB, hopefully).
    3. Make at least 2 important acquaintances.
    4. Participate as a reviewer at least twice.
    5. Write at least 2 pieces of software (useful to at least 2 people each).
    6. Read at least 2 non-technical books and at least 2 technical books.
    7. Complete at least 2 of these multiple side-projects that eagerly wait for completion.
    8. Supervise at least 22 students to successful defence.
    9. Keep this blog running (26 blog entries or so).
    10. Keep in touch with friends and relatives, have a fair dose of fun, sports, music and all the rest that belongs here (you go windsurfing, you call me, OK?).

    Did I miss something?